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Michelle Dancy, co-owner

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Encouraging people to take the challenge and see the change is what I love most about being a Personal Trainer and Barre Instructor.

I got my first Aerobex certificatation when I was a Senior in High School teaching 6:00 am classes before school. At JMU I was a member of both the varsity gymnastics team and the Modern Dance Company. The training sessions and dance classes during my college years were amazing! I became an NSPA Certified Personal Trainer and continued enhancing my knowledge by becoming certified in Pilates, Spin, Body Pump, Silver Sneakers and TRX. I am barre-certified through the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association.

I was introduced to Barre while living in Europe and it immediately became my fitness passion.  I love the transformational power of Barre on the mind and the body. It challenges all fitness levels in a fun, positive, and energetic environment.



Nikki Laughlin, co-owner

There has not been a time in my life when I was not addicted to some form of exercise. I love it all … yoga, Pilates, Spinning — the list goes on. I have been teaching group exercise classes ranging from step to spin to muscle conditioning since 1990. When I found barre, it changed my body like no other exercise had before. Not only did I become stronger and leaner than I had ever been, but all the strange creaky painful spots that never really went away in my knees and hips quickly and quietly disappeared. Barre has truly been a gift to me. I have been teaching barre for almost three years now and have found such joy in helping our clients feel stronger, leaner and happier. I am certified by the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) and Beyond Barre.



Catherine Motivans

Catherine Motivans

As a registered Vinyasa yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, I am excited about helping people of all ages, sizes and abilities find a peaceful state of mind, and have fun on the mat. Yoga is all about stretching and strengthening, and building flexibility. It’s also about pushing your physical and mental edge – helping you evolve as a human being. Fingers find toes, crow becomes a possibility, headstand happens with practice. My classes start with efforts to calm the mind by focusing on the breath and body awareness. From there we flow in and out of postures and do the work to build strength and stretch our muscles and mind, so that we can achieve optimal health for ourselves and share goodwill with others.

I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Flow Yoga Studio in Leesburg.  Many thanks to the many yoga teachers and students that have taught, and continue to teach me, on my yoga journey. Namaste.

 FullSizeRender 6 Cindy Backus

I began my personal yoga practice 15 years ago in Cornwall, NY and immediately discovered how much it enhanced both the physical and mental aspects of my life. I wanted to merge this new-found passion with my love for teaching so I earned my RYT at the Kanakumari Ayurveda and Yoga Welleness Center in Milwaukee, WI studying under Sarah Filzen.

I combine the precise alignment of asana (poses) with pranayama (breath) to build strength, endurance and concentration. I also teach PiYo, an athletic-based workout that combines Pilates and yoga in a continuous series of movements. My classes are more straightforward, fitness-based while still maintaining the tenets of traditional yoga.

I enjoy bringing yoga to a variety of people: those who would like enhance their work in more vinyasa style classes, those who want to build strength to improve their level of fitness, and those who are new to yoga and don’t quite know where to begin. I look very forward to seeing you at the mat.



Cindy Duego JohnsonCindy Carlyle (Cindy Deugo Johnson)

Cindy, of The Conscious Athlete,LLC, has been teaching yoga for over a decade.  The benefits of the physical practice, along with all the other benefits yoga has to offer us, has helped her maintain and extend her life as an athlete, coach, and trainer. She has worked with athletes from many different backgrounds and sports, and with many different goals and obstacles. From coaching her home canoe club to a National Championship in 1985 to competing at the World Championships in 2011 in Dragonboat, she knows paddling is the sport she most loves. She has also been competing in triathlon, marathon, 10k’s and 5K’s since 1983. From winning overall women to not finishing she has learned many lessons along the way to help her be the most conscious coach (and athlete) she can be. Her degrees in teaching, exercise physiology and psychology and her 35+ years of experience as an athlete and coach all have brought her to where she is today. She encourages everyone to see not just the physical journeys they are on, but also the bigger picture of their life purpose and calling. She sees herself as a midwife to the human spirit, helping people give birth to things from inside of them they don’t even know realize are there through the vehicle of sport.



  IMG_0272David Rankin

I have been teaching Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra since Mar 2016. The majority of my classes are Vinyasa and Yin with an occasional Restorative and Yoga Nidra.  I am certified in Baptiste Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. I have attended numerous workshops at Inner Power Yoga (Learn the Flow; Yoga for Runners; Adjust and Assist; Rocket Yoga; Foam Rolling; Oils and Yoga; Veterans Support). I will begin my 500hr teacher training at Beloved Yoga in January 2017. I am retired. In the past I worked for Honeywell Federal Systems, Group Bull, Wang, Sun Microsystems, and GTSI. Prior to working in the computer industry, I was a Fourth and Fifth Grade teacher for six years. I have three children and three grandchildren.



  IMG_5084Denise Moore

Denise Moore is a Yoga Alliance-registered teacher with 22 years of teaching experience. Her classes are grounded in the wholeness of yoga, the integration of body, breath and mind. She has studied many types of yoga including Integral Yoga, Iyengar and Integrative Yoga Therapy. She owned Leesburg’s first yoga studio from 1996 to 1999. Read more about Denise here.





Erin Yates

Erin Yates is a fitness enthusiast who has a passion for dance and overall health, wellness, and movement of the body. Dancing ballet has opened up the world of Barre and Barre Fitness.

Erin is certified by the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association. Erin is also certified in Floor-Barre® Technique developed by Zena Rommett, a gentle yet effective method to develop a dancer’s form and non-dancers to obtain a dancer’s body.


Jen Longhi

My experience of yoga was born 30 years ago, when a class in Hatha Yoga stimulated a lifelong passion and showed me the amazing ways yoga can integrate mind, body, and spirit into the present moment.    As my physical practice became more regular, my understanding of this art deepened. When I am giving to others, I feel connected to all that is good in life.  I am so grateful to have my 200 hr RYT so that I can share this beautiful practice with others.  I am also a Level 1 Reiki practitioner, a Holistic Sleep coach, and am developing my own “Bed Yoga” practice particularly for the elderly.   My experience spans from Hatha, Iyengar, Restorative, Yin, with specific emphasis and daily practice in Bikram (over 500 hours in a studio), and Vinyasa (over 100 studio hours plus 200 in training).  Creating flowing sequences with a purpose, and using the breath to integrate the mind and body has brought my practice to a new level, specifically in its psychological/spiritual development.  

I have a Master’s degree in Recreation, and years of experience in Therapeutic Recreation, specifically with adults with severe mental illnesses and physical disabilities.  It is an honor to be able to offer chair yoga to Paraplegics, and Pranayama and Facercise to Quadraplegics.  We get to keep what we give away, and I certainly am grateful for the abilities of my body, however limited they seem at times!  I look forward to continuing my yoga education and pursuing additional certifications.  Namaste.


Irene SaucadoIrene Saucedo

Are you looking for a fun way to get fit and/or looking to improve your dance moves?  Come join Master Dance instructor Irene!  With more than 20 years of experience teaching and dancing professionally, her routines are fun, challenging, and calorie torching!   She is certified in Zumba and Fitness instructor.   Her dances incorporate the latest dance moves as well as a fitness component.  She teaches all ages and fitness levels!



Laurie Hudicek

I have been teaching vinyasa and power yoga as well as general group fitness in NoVa since 2005. I love helping people of all ages and abilities achieve their goals and find their strength and stride in health, both on an off the mat. While I am a yogi at heart, I love more high intensity workouts as well. My soulmate workout is PiYo. It is my favorite format to share with clients and to practice on my own. In addition to group exercise, I am also a certified personal trainer and love encouraging people to get healthy.

My real life is a musician. I spent my entire life studying, practicing, performing and teaching piano. I have a doctorate from UMD and have only recently retired from the performing side, but find teaching is also performing in many ways. I have taught my piano students yoga and balance to help with their technique at the instrument as well as to help with performance anxiety, and I help my fitness clients learn how music can help with their motivation.

What I love the most is using the skill I have developed to both sides of my instructor life to make peoples’ lives better all around.

  Marilyn FieldsMarilyn Fields

I remember the day very clearly, I was 16 years old when my mom asked me if I wanted to join an aerobics class with her. I said YES! It’s funny how one small word can change your life forever. Exercise has been a major influence in my life ever since. With various injuries throughout the years, I knew I needed to make a positive change in the type of exercise my body needed. Barre was the answer! I am certified by the American Fitness Association of America and Barre Above.


Michelle Pizzarello

Michelle achieved a Masters degree from the University of Virginia and spent 10 years teaching special education students at JL Simpson Middle School in Leesburg.

Through her time teaching, Michelle’s love for Pilates continued to grow. At the same time, while giving birth to two lovely children, she started to suffer from Sacral dysfunction. As she dug deeper, using Pilates to help deal with the pain, she also developed a desire e to apply her teaching skills to helping others with their own physiology. With a strong core giving her the ability to overcome her Sacral issues, Michelle set out to use her teaching skills to help others build a stronger center.

Michelle has training with Balanced Body University for the past 2 years, completing Mat 1 & 2 as well as Reformer 1 through 3 with over 500 hours of instruction and training. When she’s not helping people focus on developing their core, She enjoys spending time with her husband and children. With a love of travel, the outdoors, food and wine Michelle enjoys helping other achieve balance.